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May 24, 2006

The Resurgence Scroll Hack

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If you've been reading the articles at at all you may have been bugged by a design feature they've implemented. Instead of rendering the whole page, The Resurgence site will load the whole site and render a page at a time. For those of you who, like me, prefer to just scroll through medium size documents this clicking fiasco becomes extremely tedious really quickly. The problem has been brought up to the people that run the site, but they prefer it the way it is.

Well, there's good news! Because of the way the site renders the page its extremely easy to turn that mess of clicking into a nice long page that you can scroll through however you want. There's one requirement, which is that you must use firefox. If you don't use firefox that either means you're using Internet Explorer or you're on a MAC. Using IE is the technological equivalent of leaving your car unlocked and parking in the bad part of town under a billboard that says, "1995 Toyota Corolla, completely unlocked and ready to be stolen, ransacked, or defiled any way you please!" Using a MAC means that you either have a low enough level of technical skill that you shouldn't attempt this or that you make enough money that you can hire someone to edit the web pages by hand to however you want.

Anyway, now that I've gotten my hilariously unfunny tech jokes out of the way let's move on to the hack. First, install the Adblock Extension for Firefox. After this, restart your browser navigate to one of The Resurgence's many excellent, but long, theology articles. Now at the bottom right of your browser you should see the word "Adblock" underlined. Clicking on it brings up a list of blockable resources. The one you want it to block is "" so click that and hit ok. Now reload the page and see how the whole page now renders all at once. Now whenever you visit The Resurgence you will be able to scroll through text the Biblical way, just like Jesus read the scrolls of the OT.


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